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Why You Should Install an EV Charger at Home

If you are becoming increasingly alarmed by the threat of climate change, you may be determined to take some action by yourself in order to reduce the size of your carbon footprint. As your car is becoming quite long in the tooth anyway, you may be thinking about buying an electric vehicle in its place. Yet you do need to take into account operational issues and will need to know how to charge this vehicle rather than relying on a petrol station. In this case, you may want to install a home EV charger, but what do you need to take into account?

Taking Control of the Situation

Firstly, you need to appreciate that this is a rapidly growing market, and many jurisdictions are playing catch-up when it comes to public EV chargers. Certainly, there will not be as many of these locations as there are petrol stations today, so you may have to take matters into your own hands to avoid range anxiety.

Planning Your Installation

If you're fortunate to have a home with a driveway or garage, you can install your own supply equipment. You will then be able to plug in your vehicle when needed and, in most cases, leave it overnight, ready for the following day.

Programming Your Charge

Modern EV chargers are very advanced, and you can program them according to your intended need. They'll maintain the battery in accordance with the specifications laid down by the vehicle manufacturer, which should help extend the battery's life and optimise your available range.

Making Savings

Remember, third-party facilities that manage chargers will be in the business of making a profit. As such, they may not pass on any dealers that they get from a utility company. This means charging your vehicle at one of those stations during off-peak hours may not cost you any less. Yet you can almost certainly make savings by doing so at home, and this should help justify the cost of installing the equipment in the first place.

Increasing Your Home's Value

Don't forget that a home equipped with an electric vehicle charger could be worth more in the future market. As these vehicles become more common, homebuyers may expect to find a charging station when they shop for a new property. Therefore, you could consider yours an investment when it comes time to sell.

Installing Your Charger

Get in touch with an electrical contractor and they'll help install your charger system and answer any questions you have.