Simple Wiring Projects for Home Repairs: Electrical Tips and Ideas

Benefits of Upgrading the Lighting in Your Home

One way to improve your home is to upgrade the lighting, both inside and outside. You'll need electrical services to rewire the new arrangements. The following are several benefits of updating your lighting.

Lower Lighting Bills

By switching to LED lighting solutions, you'll save on energy costs. Incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs generate light in part by creating heat, which goes to waste. LED – which stands for Light Emitting Diodes – works differently. As electricity reaches the numerous tiny diodes in a globe, they light up without generating heat that dissipates in the air and goes to waste.

Led lights use much less energy than their counterparts. For example, a 5 watt LED globe can provide similar lighting to a 40 or 60 watt incandescent bulb. Some LED bulbs can directly replace incandescent bulbs. In other cases, if you install LED track lighting, for instance, you may need new wiring.

Better Security

Modern security systems allow flexibility in their design. You don't need to necessarily install an extensive security package. Instead, you might choose to connect one or several outdoor motion sensor lights. Intruders prefer to remain hidden, and if they trigger a light, they'll likely feel vulnerable and may leave the property.

You could connect the sensor lights near the front and back doors. Don't forget to target the side and back windows with sensors, as these openings are typically hidden from the street. An electrician can set up the wiring for your new security lights, making your home safer.

More Pleasing Aesthetics

Of course, the lighting within a home shapes the mood and ambience of each room. Plus, it affects how well they function. You could spice up the kitchen with novel pendant lights above a kitchen island or dining table. Under-cabinet strip lights keep the counters visible, making food preparation easier. You could install recessed or track lights on the ceiling, rather than relying on an old-fashioned one-central-globe strategy. Layered lighting creates a more subtle, even, and pleasant effect.

Ask your electrician to install different globes on separate switches to provide more control. For example, connect under cabinet lights in one area to one switch. That way, you can turn on those lights only to create a soft party mood. You can take a similar layered approach in the bathroom, installing globes on the mirror sides, sconces on the walls, and recessed ceiling lights. LED globes emit light in various hues, such as yellowish, bright white, or natural, and you can choose which you prefer for the different areas.

For more information about lighting, call an electrical services expert.