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Electrician Apprenticeships

Becoming an electrician requires skill, training and the correct licensing. As far as trades go, it offers great opportunities either working with a larger company, being self-employed or replying to call-outs as an emergency electrician. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain relevant qualifications alongside practical hands-on experience. The electrical sector has a broad spectrum of different trades covering communications, electrical installations and appliance repairs. Here is a quick guide on apprenticeships and how they can support your development as an electrician.

1. Apprenticeships - What Are They?

An apprenticeship is an effective way of combining both work and study at the same time. Using effective mentoring, you will find yourself working alongside industry professionals who will support and guide you through everything you need to know to become a basic electrician. Training will either be done with your employer or at a Training and Further Education Institute (TAFE). Either way, at the end of your apprenticeship you will be awarded with a nationally recognised qualification.

2. How Long Will It Last?

As stated by, electricians must work within their trade for 4 years before the are able to apply for an A Grade Licence. Should an individual complete their training early then a B Grade will be awarded until the 4 year period is complete. For more information you should visit the Office of The Chief Electrical Inspector.

3. How Will an Apprenticeship Benefit Me?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for people to learn about their trade by doing it on a daily basis. Not everybody is suited to learning in a classroom, and  working with a mentor develops key skills such as customer interaction and real-life problem solving on-the-job. You will also earn whilst you work, but rates of pay will vary. Contacting the Australian Workplace Authority will allow to to clarify how much you will be able to earn based upon different variables such as age and qualifications held.

4. How Much Do Electricians Earn?

Electricians can usually expect to earn between  $900 and  $1200 a week depending on their trade, with telecommunications electricians earning on the upper end of the scale because of the increased demand for connectivity around the globe.

Training as an electrician through an apprenticeship is a difficult but rewarding process. With our increasing reliance on electrical equipment, there will always be a need for quality tradesmen and women who are well trained and hardworking.