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Top Car Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Your car's A/C unit is what allows you to moderate temperatures inside the vehicle when it is hot outside. If your car's A/C has lost its cooling effect, it can feel really uncomfortable driving around during hot summer days. In order to avoid unpleasant A/C failures, you will need to keep a close eye on your car's AC system. The following maintenance tips will help make your car's A/C system run safely and reliably for longer.

Run your A/C system periodically 

So as to help keep your car's air conditioner working properly, run the unit regularly for a couple of minutes, even if you are not using the car. This will allow cool air to move through the system, allowing its hoses, valves and pumps to maintain the coolant pressure. This prevents ruining of compressor seals and hardening of the hoses.

Monitor refrigerant level

One way to check if your car's A/C system is low on refrigerant is to turn on the unit and set the highest fan speed. Listen for the sound produced as the compressor clutch engages. The clutch should make a loud click sound that should remain steady as the A/C is running. If the compressor clutch is clicking intermittently every few seconds, your A/C unit is running low on refrigerant and will need a refill. An auto repair service can fit a tracer dye in the unit to help detect any potential refrigerant leak in the system.

As part of your effort to ensure that your car maintains the right amount of refrigerant, ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level and re-gas it if need be, as maintenance of your A/C system is not usually treated as part of a regular log book service.

Ensure the unit is clean

A car A/C system can harbour harmful bacteria and fungus that can cause allergic reactions. Proper A/C preventative maintenance should entail regular cleaning of various components such as the cooling evaporator, the cabin air filter, the condenser fins as well as entire car interior, in order to rid of any bugs or odours that may make your car air conditioning unhealthy. This way, the cool air that comes from the air conditioner vents will be safe for all car occupants to breathe in. 

To enjoy optimal service from your car's A/C unit, especially during summertime when you need it the most, make sure to include a reliable mechanic in your maintenance plan.