Simple Wiring Projects for Home Repairs: Electrical Tips and Ideas

Tips on Upgrading Your Residential Lighting

Residential lighting is often overlooked during electrical upgrade projects. This element is not considered as significant as other electrical modules which supply energy to important appliances and gadgets in the home. You should consider improving your lighting to achieve better interior aesthetics and enhance the internal ambience. Moreover, good lighting will be more functional and comfortable. Here are some simple tips to help you get started on the upgrade project.

Replace Your Bulbs

If you have dull or old bulbs, you should begin the improvement by replacing them. This is a relatively inexpensive undertaking, and you do not have to replace the lighting in the entire house at once. You can start with the most used spaces like the kitchen and living room and work up to the bathrooms and bedrooms. Get rid of inefficient incandescent lights and install LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. These are functionally brighter, more visually appealing, cheaper in terms of long-term energy and better for the environment. You should also consider installing additional lighting sources in your spaces. Examine each room and add more bulbs as needed to eliminate shadows and dark corners at night.

Change the Switches

In the past, the switches were basic on and off devices installed for maximum expediency. But now, the modern electrical market has improved significantly, so there are more options to explore. One of the best contemporary switches is a dimmer switch. This is designed to offer varied levels of lighting depending on the desired mood and function. They will also cause a reduction in total energy costs if they are operated on low illumination levels. You should consider getting remote control switches or models that will light up in the dark. These will enhance convenience when you wake up at the middle of the night.

Choose Creative Fixture Designs

If your current lighting is boring and plain, you should consider choosing more interesting light fixture designs. The ideal style for your home will depend on the interior décor and your preference. Pendant lights are perfect for a somewhat traditional but classic look. The bulb in these fixtures is hung by a stem which is attached from a ceiling. Recessed lights are suitable for a contemporary minimalist home. They are designed to hide in the walls and ceilings, creating a modest look. There are other appealing alternatives, so check your local market before purchasing.

Lighting upgrade projects are simple in theory but the actual work requires technical expertise. It is advisable to engage a licensed electrician for the installation and wiring tasks.