Simple Wiring Projects for Home Repairs: Electrical Tips and Ideas

Signs You May Need To Enlist the Services of an Electrician

When it comes to electric problems around the home, some owners may decide the issue is minor and will try to attempt to rectify it on their own. In this age of internet tutorials, chances are you will find a how-to guide online to do this. However, this is never advisable. There are a myriad of reasons why your electric wiring could be malfunctioning. Not knowing the root cause puts you at risk of injuring yourself through electrocution or even starting an electric fire! Here are some of the signs that may mean you need to enlist the services of an electrician.

Warm or hot outlets

Whether an appliance is supposed to emit heat (such as a toaster) or not, the outlets should not also become warm in the process. If you notice one of your outlets feels warm to the touch, it is advisable to go around the rest of the residence and establish if it is a recurring problem. In addition to this, ensure you have unplugged the appliance from the power source that is heating up. You can test it at a different outlet to discern whether the problem lies with the appliance itself or if it is in your wiring. Other signs to look out for when checking for heated outlets is blackening around the switch plates or any discolouration. An electrician can then come in to remove any fuses that may be causing the heating, then service your home's electrical system.

Flickering lights

One thing to note is that light fixtures tend to draw minimal power. As such, if they begin to show signs of flickering and waning, chances are the problem lies with other appliances that are connected to the circuit that they are using. Common culprits of this are appliances that work toward either heating or cooling such as refrigerators, space heaters and more. These larger appliances will draw in more power, and this will affect the amount of energy available for your lights. An electrician either will fix this problem by installing electricity lines solely dedicated to the larger appliances or will opt to move them to a different circuit than that being used by your lights.

Lingering odours

The first time you plug in anew appliance, an odour may be emitted because it is experiencing the electrical current for the first time. This should not alarm you. However, if you notice foul odours emanating from our outlets every time they are in use, then you should have cause for concern. The electrical current passing through the outlet may be too powerful, making some components melt, hence the smell. Do not use the offending outlets until an electrician has ascertained the problem and fixed it.