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Common Auto Electrical Repairs Your Vehicle May Need

Some of the common problems that you experience with your vehicle can be blamed on needed auto electrical repairs. This means they stem from the electricity that is provided by either your vehicle's battery or its alternator. Here are some of the common issues that may warrant auto electrical repairs from a local mechanic, such as Drive-in Auto Electrics.

Battery malfunctions

Since the battery is the main source of power for your vehicle, it should come as no surprise that it is also the most susceptible to auto electrical repairs. Numerous issues could cause the malfunction of your car battery. The first would be a dead battery. This will occur when your battery is having problems maintaining its charge, and thus will not be able to power your car. Another issue that could cause battery problems is faulty components in your vehicle. Your battery can also lose all its charge if some elements of the car are left on for a significant period of time such as the air conditioning system, the headlights and more. A dead battery can be fixed at home by jump-starting it. However if the damage is extensive or if the battery is too old, then you will need to seek professional replacement.

Alternator malfunctions

The alternator works toward keeping the battery charged as the vehicle is in motion. If the alternator is malfunctioning, the first thing you notice is that your battery will be draining faster than normal. Various things could cause your alternator to malfunction. The most common reason is a break in the alternator belt, which can come about due to wear and tear. Your local mechanic will typically have to replace the alternator belt.

Broken electrical wiring

As aforementioned, your vehicle needs electricity to run. As such, the components in your vehicle are connected to each other with a complex wiring system to ensure that everything is working in tandem; if there is a break in any of these wires, the entire functionality of your car can be compromised. In addition to electrical wiring, there are also numerous fuses incorporated into the components. These fuses are present to prevent any power surges that could damage the various electrical components of your car. A blown fuse will lead to car problems that would require auto electrical repairs.

Damaged spark plugs

The spark plugs work toward getting your engine up and running. Symptoms of damaged spark plugs include poor acceleration of your vehicle, stalling and more. Generally, malfunctioning spark plugs can be remedied through a regular tune-up from your mechanic. However, if the damage were extensive; then you would have to get them replaced to avoid reoccurrence of the problem.